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La Garoupe: 5 things to know to get off the beaten track

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From La Garoupe, you surely know the fabulous bay and its turquoise waters, its mythical beach but perhaps a little less, its wooded areas, the Calvary race or the procession of barefoot sailors. Let’s leave the coast for a bit, to discover this Antibes’ gem which is full of many secrets …


Where does the name La Garoupe come from?

The name of the Garoupe comes from a shrub. A protected species from the South East, the Camelea with three hulls also called Daphné Garou… OK, you’ve got it? Garoupe would quite simply come from this plant with yellow flowers which invaded the hills of Antibes.

It would also seem that a local expression “mounta la garoupe” would mean overcoming a difficulty. And you will easily understand why if you venture on the Chemin du Calvaire to reach the Garoupe plateau.


The path to Calvary, the wooded and spiritual ascent to the plateau

From the Salis car park, in front of you, a small staircase takes you up to a wide path in the undergrowth bordered by oratories, this is the Chemin du Calvaire which leads to the Garoupe site. 100 meters of vertical drop sheltered from the sun, where you can discover from stage to stage, this Stations of the Cross which offers a reward at the end of the route, an exceptional panorama but also, a rather particular oratory, that of lovers by Peynet. This small shrine called Our Lady of Lovers, is a real compulsory passage for the newlyweds who go there after the ceremony to protect their union.


The Garoupe wood: an ocean of greenery above the Mediterranean

From the Garoupe beach, you can see it, surmounted by its lighthouse, the Garoupe wood extends over no less than 9 hectares of holm oaks (hence the name of a famous villa in Cap d’Antibes ), Aleppo pines and also olive trees. Along with these classics of Mediterranean flora, rarer species, such as our 3-shelled “Camélée”, flourish in the heart of this Notre Dame estate, traversed by several trails including the Chemin du Calvaire.


The sanctuary of the garoupe, a remarkable site

On the Garoupe plateau, in addition to the orientation table, the 360 ​​° view of Antibes and the Cape, the chapel is one of Antibe’s emblematic sites. Its legend dates back to Antiquity when Constantine’s mother, Hélène, had a small chapel built. In this sanctuary 3 distinct buildings, the tower, the Notre Dame de la Garde chapel, built in the Middle Ages and the Sainte-Hélène chapel.

During your visit, you will be able to observe 2 naves, one bearing the name of Notre Dame de Bon Port and the other Notre Dame de la Garde.

Once you have toured the Garoupe lighthouse, carefully observe the sailors’ votive offerings in the chapel, these efforts will well deserve a refreshing and gourmet break, and there, next to the chapel, the priest’s bistro is the ideal place. to recharge your batteries.

In summer, every week, concerts come to animate this emblematic Antibes’ place to the delight of unusual places in the heart of nature!


The Garoupe semaphore, a strategic landmark

At the Garoupe lighthouse, which rises to an altitude of 103 meters and a height of 29 meters, another construction dating from the 19th century attracts curiosity at La Garoupe, it is the semaphore. No need to dream of making an urbex here, it is indeed still used and above all secret, since it is a strategic high place for the French Navy.


Did you know ?

At La Garoupe, rituals have a sweet life and punctuate the year with pretty traditions that are sometimes a bit difficult for those who perpetuate them …

– The Antibois Calvary is aptly named, since it is a 10 km race that brings together athletes at La Garoupe. A route that begins in Cap d’Antibes, passing by the rise of the Calvary, the Notre Dame chapel and the Garoupe lighthouse.

– The procession of sailors: every summer, on the first Thursday of July, the statue of the Virgin was carried in procession to Antibes Cathedral by 10 barefoot sailors. Even today, this thousand-year-old tradition continues, but peace to their feet, sailors no longer take off their shoes to do penance.


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