La Jabotte

History and concept

A bit of history:

La jabotte

1923, the year of the invention of the summer holidays!

Before the Roaring Twenties, the English only went to the seaside in winter, but the American billionaire Frank Jay Gould decided otherwise and convinced the owner of the palatial Cap-Eden-Roc Hotel to open in spring.

Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Fernand Léger, Pablo Picasso… Artists and writers divided a way of life between Garoupe Beach, Juan-les-Pins and the small provincial port of Antibes.

Jazz, tanning, nightlife, picnics and sea bathing – the summer season was on!

La jabotte

1923 also marked the beginning of La Jabotte.

This discreet house, hidden from prying eyes, has been welcoming people since its first day and has always been a place to be shared.

The patio and its two wings housed a family boarding house with dormitory beds and a shower at the back of the garden, a youth hostel style that was fashionable in the 1960s.

It’s said that a famous “gentleman thief” once chose La Jabotte as a hiding place and was never caught – the place is well-hidden…

About us!

It became a bed-and-breakfast and guest house, always joyful and friendly.

In the late 1990s, two Belgian holidaymakers fell in love with it and managed to buy it, managing to give a soul to this charming hotel, a feeling of an atypical, original B&B guest house with an artist’s touch.

In 2013, they entrusted it to us, confident that we would take good care of this wonderful little piece of paradise, and of you in particular!

Thanks to all our guests for your glowing reviews. Do you love us? So do we!

La jabotte

Our concept

Enjoy a unique, natural, exclusive, calm and peaceful atmosphere where you will feel both comfortable and safe. It’s an ideal place to chat, reflect on oneself and relax, it’s so nice to just look up at the sky…

Unwind and just focus on yourself!

Switch off, feel free to be yourself, there’s no need for technology, we are both at your disposal for any requests you might have, along with a concierge service.

Have breakfast in your pyjamas or one of our soft bathrobes if you feel like it, fall asleep during the siesta in a deckchair, go to the beach in a bathing suit and come back for an appetiser to the sound of singing birds… we’ll make sure that nobody disturbs you.

Serenity abounds in this secret garden, both colourful and timeless. The cat will set an example by stretching out in the sun, the ever-polite dog will be itching to come and greet you, and the seagull will make eyes at you from the rooftop… La Jabotte – it’s a way of life, an invitation to relax, an antidote to stress…

Nathalie & Pierre

La jabotte