La Jabotte

Antibes and the Côte d’Azur

La jabotte

The beaches

  • La Salis, 60 metres from the hotel, is a free sandy beach with views of the mountains and ramparts. A family beach, that of our own childhood. We provide convenience items (see our services) and crockery if you plan to have a picnic. Handi-Plage disability assistance is available at La Salis if needed.
  • Le Ponteil, a sandy beach 100m away, is the neighbour of La Salis
  • The Gravette, hidden under the ramparts, lies between the Nomad and the Picasso Museum
  • La Garoupe is a site renowned since the 1900s for its beach and its palace, the Hôtel du Cap. In summer, a champagne bar is open in the evening – why not go for a drink at sunset and visit the gardens?

Accessible by foot (30 mins), by bike, by car, and the state-of-the-art… the tuk-tuk! A magnificent walk “on the edge of the world” along the Littoral path will inspire your dreams. A word of advice: treat yourself to a sunrise, when the magic will be at its height.

  • Les Ondes is cosy and looks out over Cannes, at the foot of the villa, today in the shape of a grand piano, watching over the fishing boats of the charming Port de l’Olivette.
  • Fort Carré: If you’re not keen on sand, this pebble-covered beach is 20 minutes away by foot.


You don’t visit Antibes: Antibes visits you, permeating your being. Many writers and artists have felt it. You fall in love with Antibes, its climate, its alleys, its atmosphere. Victor Hugo once said, “Everything here shines, blossoms and sings”.

Antibes will awaken your five senses: sight, captured by the blue of the sea, hearing, soothed by cicadas, smell, attracted by jasmine and orange trees, taste, thrilled by olive oil and aniseed, and touch, as you delight in caressing stones rich with more than 3000 years of history…

  • The painters’ route: just one of the excursions offered by the Antibes Juan-les-Pins tourist office.
  • The Provencal market: With Jacques the cheesemaker, Dominique the florist, Denis the fisherman and the market gardeners Michel, Marina and Marielle, local products are in the spotlight. In summer, artists display their works until nightfall.
  • The marina: the largest marina in Europe.
  • The old town and its ramparts: despite the weather, the old town remains a village overlooking the sea, with its eyes on the Alps. Lose yourself in its alleys, and let your senses run wild.
La Jabotte
La jabotte

The museums

  • The Picasso Museum: Picasso moved to Château Grimaldi in 1946 for two months. After his stay, Pablo Picasso left behind 23 paintings and 44 drawings in Antibes.
  • The Peynet Museum: Known for his “Lovers”, Peynet offered 300 of his works to the city of Antibes to contribute to the creation of a museum proposed by Pierre Merli, the then Mayor.
  • The Archaeology Museum: The rich history of Antibes spans some 3000 years.

Theatre and spectacles

Théâtre Anthea: here’s the programme !

La jabotte
La jabotte

Sports and events

  • The nautical stadium, tennis, basketball, pétanque and more… it’s all there, just waiting to be discovered!
  • The Antibes Rally, the the Voiles d’Antibes, the Antiques and Modern Art Fair.
  • Diving, Paddle, Paddle yoga, Sailing school, Antibes Regatta Society.


La jabotte
La jabotte

Walks and discoveries

The coastal path, the Garoupe lighthouse, the Fort Carré, the Thuret Gardens, the Elein Roc villa…

The region


Biot Glassworks

The village and the Fernand Léger Museum



Mougins, the old village



The Potters’ Town, Pablo Picasso National Museum, War and Peace



The Croisette, its stars at the Palais des Festivals, its luxury shops and the old town of Le Suquet



The Matisse, Chagall and Mamac museums….. the charm of old Nice and the castle hill



Maeght Foundation

LA_REGION_tourretes sur loup


The Violet Museum and its charming medieval city.



The Gorges du Loup and the Florian confectionery shop



The village and the castle



The exotic garden and the eagle-nest village



The villa and the Ephrussi de Rothschild gardens



The Kerylos villa



Renoir Museum



Its museums, its yachts, its exotic garden, its casinos…



The village, the market and the gendarmerie!